Iron Works Ltd

Iron Works Ltd

1924 SW 2nd St

Des Moines, IA 50315-7111


The original and best steel flower planters, as seen in downtown Des Moines, now available to the public.

Our planters are a modular product, any planter top will fit on any base.

Choose your favorite base design from five decorative options, and ideal height. (13", 25", 37")

Then choose the top to best complete your unit! (14", 16", 18", 20", 26", 31",35")

Ad Photo

Pictured: 13" Bridge base with 20" Pyramid (Lower Left), 37" Scroll base with 31" Pyramid (Upper Left), 25" Ring base with 26" Pyramid (Center), 37" Bridge base with 35" Pyramid (Upper Right), 13" Plain base with 14" Cone (Lower Right)

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(515) 288-8981

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Left to right: Pairie (tall and medium with 26" Pyramid, Bridge (tall with 20" Pyramid), Scroll (short with 20" Pyramid), Bridge (mediums with 20" pyramids)